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Mobile Banking: Features you need to know to get the most out of your money on the go.

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The digital era has revolutionized the banking industry, but some people are still not enjoying all its benefits. In fact, over 20% of Americans don't use their bank's mobile app. But those who do find certain features valuable enough to make them glad for such a small effort put in by switching over from traditional methods. A great number (more than 40%) report being positively impacted by going "all-in" with this trend towards becoming fully immersed digitally - through apps like Google Pay or Apple paycheck. Downloading your bank's mobile app is the first step to upgrading boring old banking experiences. Once you do that, all of those tedious tasks become quick and easy - no more waiting around in lines for tellers or filling out forms!

With so many features and benefits to offer you may be wondering what's not already done. Mobile bankers have it covered! Here are just some of its best assets: 1) One of the best features of mobile banking is how it's always available to you anywhere at any time, and with the help of a few taps on an easy-to-use app, you’ll be able to do everything in just minutes! You'll be able to review everything from recent transactions, balance information as well as any interest earnings within seconds of logging in. 2) Mobile banking apps give you access and control to your money that’s needed, especially when it comes down to deciding how much should be transferred from one account into another. With features like scheduled transfers for easy management of savings or checking accounts on demand as well as an option where users can automate their payments via mobile wallet transfers - this service is perfect! If at any point during our conversation someone needs help, the live customer service representatives are always available for you. 3) You can now make deposits using your phone! Mobile check Deposit is incredibly convenient and takes less than a minute. Simply sign the back of your checks as usual, then within the banking app select account for deposit & confirm the amount (which will be displayed on the screen). Next, take pictures via your smartphone and send them securely to the bank - once confirmed it's complete - that’s all there really was to it! With mobile banking being so accessible via iPhone/Android apps & browser-friendly websites; there's no need to trek across town. 4) With mobile banking, paying bills has never been easier. The process works like making a transfer; select the business or account, enter how much money you want to be sent over the line then click on the date/time when it will be delivered at! You can also check which payments have already been sent or scheduled by checking the summary or transaction history. 5) The best way to stay safe while using mobile banking is by taking these few precautions:

  • Be sure you set up a pin code so that your phone can only be unlocked with the correct password.

  • You can create an extra security measure such as Touch ID or FaceID if available on devices that allow them.

  • Set up security options in case you lose your device like tracking where they go through GPS locate function

  • Create strong passwords

6) With the rise of mobile banking, you can now transfer money to your friends and family quickly with a tap. This is made possible by using digital payment networks that are securely built into these apps.

7) With mobile banking you can act like a digital wallet and make payments with just your phone. Now when paired together Apple Pay® becomes even more convenient because there's no need for pulling out cards or inputting all those 16 digits—just enter in some personal information like an email address (to verify) then wait until it prompts “yes please allow this device” before finishing payment transactions.

8) Consider having a no-fee ATM card. In this digital age, sometimes you still need cash! Having the ability to find a nearby machine and better yet one without fees will make your life easier when it comes time for payments or withdrawals from savings accounts on top of all those amazing features they offer like a 24/7 customer service desk at hand (and ready).

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Mobile banking is here to stay. Are you ready for the bank of tomorrow? More and more people are turning their attention away from traditional banks as they find new ways in which mobile phones can help them with everything from checking accounts all the way up to investing strategies. But what does this mean exactly? It means there's no reason anymore why we should be tied down by old traditions when technology has made some things easier than ever before.

Are you tired of long lines and tedious paperwork when it comes to banking? Join the digital revolution and download our bank's mobile app to start enjoying convenient, easy banking at your fingertips!


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