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Transforming Finance

Brighton Bank, a leading provider of banking services committed to helping clients budget better, manage debt, and save money, announces the appointment of Sean Phalon as their new National Growth Officer. With a strong background in finance, real estate, and technology, Phalon will help the bank launch its AI-based lending platform and streamline processes using innovative solutions in the face of a rapidly changing industry landscape.

Brighton Bank has served its clients for over 110 years with a focus on customer satisfaction, innovation, purpose, and leadership. The bank's commitment to its clients necessitates that it acts with integrity and accountability in the workplace and community, leading by example.

Sean Phalon has a wealth of experience in the finance world, starting at the age of 19. He has developed skills in structuring business growth, capital raising, and mortgage lending. As a top 1% loan originator nationwide and a 5-star mortgage professional in NJ, Sean is well-positioned to support Brighton Bank's efforts to revolutionize the banking industry through AI and technology. He has also co-founded Twigoh, a social platform for reviews, and served as local chapter president and mortgage committee chair for the non-profit organization AREAA.

With Phalon's appointment, Brighton Bank aims to focus on where the banking industry is going, not where it has been or is today. The bank believes in designing better technology to enable its team to do more in less time, providing clients with instant access and approvals while reducing operational costs. AI and technology are changing the landscape for everyone, and the consolidation the mortgage industry is facing will be one of the largest shifts in our careers.

Just as other industries have experienced similar transformations, those that have succeeded are the ones that have embraced change and driven innovation.

For instance, the retail industry has witnessed significant shifts with the rise of e-commerce giants like Amazon, forcing traditional brick-and-mortar stores to adapt or risk becoming obsolete.

Brighton Bank's AI models have the potential to change the way clients interact with banks and employees. In Q1, the bank has grown its origination team by over 540%, building national partnerships and increasing profitability through a digital AI-driven model.

"Our industry is changing very rapidly. I joined the Brighton Bank team because I believe in not just changing the way business is done but also empowering industry professionals with the tools to be a part of it. Seeing this vision come to reality is not just exciting, it is absolutely necessary for the future.”  Sean PhalonNational Growth Officer 

About Brighton Bank

Brighton Bank is a community-focused financial institution offering a wide range of banking services. For over 110 years, the bank has been committed to serving its clients with integrity and innovation, continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of the industry and the communities it serves. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Brighton Bank continually invests in cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to help clients budget better, manage debt, and save money.

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and industry consolidation, Brighton Bank is dedicated to embracing change and driving innovation in the banking sector. By appointing Sean Phalon as the National Growth Officer, the bank reinforces its commitment to staying ahead of the curve and positioning itself as a leader in the AI-driven transformation of the banking industry.

As Brighton Bank navigates the challenges and opportunities of the evolving landscape, it remains steadfast in its mission to improve the lives of its clients and support the communities in which it operates. Through educational initiatives, affordable housing programs, workforce development, and digital job training, Brighton Bank is not only building a stronger future for its clients but also for the communities that need it most.

For more information about Brighton Bank's AI-based lending solutions and other innovative offerings, visit or reach out to Sean Phalon at

Sean Phalon's Headshot

Sean Phalon Appointed National Growth Officer for Brighton Bank's AI-Lending Initiative


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